The RFID Solutions team is made up of RFID technology enthusiasts. We cooperate with the largest RFID companies, we participate in the largest events related to this technology, such as RFID Journal Live! in Orlando, we are up to date with all the changes and new products that appear on the RFID market. We are practitioners and RFID experts. We successfully implement projects for various branches of business.
Our competences include:

* selection of devices with their assembly, configuration and commissioning;
* selection and delivery of RFID tags, programming and printing;
* own software.

We are also a producer of our own RFID devices, RFID tags and labels.
We believe that properly implemented RFID system will improve and simplify all these processes in the company in which it will be used. Our team is a combination of various skills, multi-level education and professional experience – we want to give you all this to create a new quality of your company’s operations. We have been joined by the conviction that RFID is present in our present and will co-create our future.

RFID Solutions is made up of people with many years of experience in company management and experience in logistics, having technical knowledge, knowledge about the functioning of company processes, technicians, programmers, graphic designers, customer advisors. Together, we make sure that your contacts and experiences with our company are as satisfying as possible.

Here are some of us who most often have direct contact with you: